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Indian Onyx Heart Detox Necklace

Indian Onyx Heart Detox Necklace

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New Handmade Heart Detox Necklace

This gemstone is used in meditation + healing rituals across several cultures and is best applied for emotional trauma + for help quieting the mind. It has been written that Sages once used Indian Onyx as a weapon as it was known to give them the courage + bravery they needed to overcome any challenge. Indian Onyx is most potent when used for healing, emotional support, strength, + confidence.
The Heart Detox Necklace collection was designed for the individual that needs to cleanse lingering toxic energies away from the present, clean the past from their mind, and protect their heart in the future.
Allow this necklace to detox your heart from the "was" so that it can be ready for the "will be".
100% Handmade at our shop in California
Indian Onyx (4 cm) | Indian Onyx + Black Onyx Beads | Sweater Chain (65 cm)

*Pendants vary. Indian Onyx ranges in colors from dark greens, yellows and lavender. Most of each pendant is a variation of dark green mixed with purples and yellows. If you have a preference please leave us a note at checkout or text 714 782 4566 for local or 1 833 633 8683 for international. 

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