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Warrior Men's Mala

Warrior Men's Mala

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Be a warrior, not a worrier!  You can own each and every day and stay in control instead of fearing what the future holds.  You are strong and courageous.  You defend your faith and beliefs and are a champion to the weak and oppressed.

You are a warrior.  Clothed in the full armor of God and armed with the shield of faith.  You carry with you His holy words and spread the hope of salvation to others.

The warrior is proud, determined, and relentless.  He fights every battle on his knees and his best weapon is prayer.

The Warrior Men's Mala Necklace is a representation of this belief, confidence and power.

Black Onyx| White Jasper| Cross Shield

This is a shorter 18" necklace designed to hang just below the collarbone.


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