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Exceeded Expectations!
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I've been looking for something special to wear to remind me that I am whole, powerful, and able. When I saw this Clarity Necklace at Tiny Devotions I knew this is what I wanted! They did not disappoint!

I love purple
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Beautiful purple color - vibrant and classy. Amethyst is my birth stone and I am a sucker for just about anything you guys make that's purple. :-D

Breathe only good things.
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Breathe only the good things in. Negativity out. Love my Inhale bracelet. Thanks, Tiny Devotions!

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Let Love In Mala


Manifest Mala


Limitless Love Mala

$113.00 $98.00

Bliss Mala Anklet

$52.00 $35.00

Inner Glow Mala


Infinite Possibilities Mala


Rainbow Aura Unicorn Mala


Ocean Mala Anklet


Health Mala Bracelet


Purpose Mala


Guardian Mala


Positivity Kids Bracelet


Amethyst Creativity Mala


Peace Mala Anklet


Discover Mala Necklace


Happiness Kids Bracelet


Dream Seeker Mala


Purity Mala

$125.00 $98.00

Harmony Kids Bracelet


Grounding Mala


Peace Mala

$125.00 $98.00

Dream Big Kids Bracelet


Let Love In Mala Bracelet


Joy Mala

$125.00 $98.00

Devotion Rudraksha Mala

$98.00 $39.99

Hope - Christian Mala


Cherish Promise Bracelets


Gemini Power Gemstones:

You are naturally playful and have a young heart. People would say you find fun in almost every circumstance. As you know, there are two sides to you, and people better be careful not to get on the wrong one! Often gorgeous and magnetic, others find themselves envious of what you have and your high-spirited attitude. You are also known to vigilantly seek the truth and explore your curiosities. You have found that you are talented in many different ways and want to expand upon those talents whenever able.

To connect with the curious and ambitious side of you, we recommend wearing Jade. This gemstone disintegrates negativity and introduces peace, balance, and good fortune. Quartz would also be helpful because of its ability to connect with your spiritual side. Carnelian is your third power gemstone, which helps the wearer feel joyous and powerful. Any of these gemstones are sure to enrich your life, Gemini.