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Commitment Promise Bracelets

Commitment Promise Bracelets

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"I promise to be committed to us and to you; Committed to pursuing your dreams and achieving your goals as much as my own. Committed to loyalty and to living our fullest lives together."

I will always choose you: Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

Commitment is about choosing to fight for each other no matter how the odds are stacked against you. It’s about listening, understanding and learning to work together. It requires choosing love and kindness in moments of frustration.  Build a lasting relationships by committing to on another- bit by bit, day by day.

Our Commitment Promise Bracelets are made with Sandalwood, Howlite, and Amazonite.  

Known as the “Hope Stone”, Amazonite embodies pure light and overflowing love and hope. Howlite encourages emotional expression and is a soothing and calming stone.

 Amazonite | Howlite | Sandalwood on Stretch Cord

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