Collection: Limitless Collection | Customizable Gemstone Mala Beads + Meditation Necklaces

Create Your Own Custom Mala Bead Jewelry + achieve all possibilities

We call this collection Limitless because your creativity and imagination make it so! Create stunning + unique mala bead jewelry with special meaning for you. Choose from rudraksha seed, sandalwood beads, and an exquisite array of gemstones including: amazonite; amethyst; black onyx; clear, rosy or smokey quartz; obsidian, opalite, turquoise, tourmaline, and white jade.

While you’re being creative, think of friends, family and anyone who might enjoy a personalized mala necklace, bracelet, charm or bundle. What a great surprise! Invite your gift recipient to order from the Limitless Collection as your way of saying thanks, I love you, + you’re special.