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Compassion Stack

Compassion Stack

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“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting their own battle.”

Your hands and heart are open to give and receive love.  You are kind + gentle and you offer compassion to all.

The Compassion bracelet stack is for the woman whose heart is so much bigger than everyone else’s.  You choose to understand and remain kind in a sometimes cruel world.  When others sow hatred, you sow kindness.  You look for the good in people, offer second chances, and find it in you to forgive.

Sandalwood offers protection, clarity, and promotes spiritual awareness.  Clear quartz helps you achieve an enlightened point of view, while pink Morganite keeps you attuned to Divine compassion.  This stack comes with a detachable Flower of Life charm which symbolizes  the connections life weaves through all beings.

Morganite | Clear Quartz  |  Sandalwood

Adjusts to fit a 6 to 8 inch wrist

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