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Personal Connection Mala Bracelet

Personal Connection Mala Bracelet

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Be connected in heart and mind.  Let the goodness inside you translate to your thoughts, words, and actions.  Acknowledge your emotions and don’t be afraid to feel.

Open yourself to love - both in giving and receiving it unconditionally.  Allow yourself to heal from past hurts and move on.

The Connection Mala Bracelet is for the girl whose heart and spirit are pure. Y ou are soft and empathetic but also headstrong and resilient.

Pink crystal Kunzite represents your energy and joyful nature.  It is known to help women by guarding their emotions and protecting them from danger.  The pink color brings comfort, calm, and relief from stress or heartaches. 

White Jade exudes light and clarity while strengthening your connection to others. It has been used to keep on your person as a stone to attract luck, love + abundance.

Kunzite | White Jade

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