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Self-Control Mala

Self-Control Mala

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Discipline builds power.  It’s knowing the difference between wanting and needing, and making the right choices day-by-day.  It’s setting a standard, it’s not settling. You are that girl who takes action and doesn’t let anything or anyone define your destiny.  Let the Self-Control Mala be a reminder that you are destined for purpose and greatness.

Black Onyx is known as the stone of power while Rhodonite for support.  Rhondochrosite is also called the Stone of the Compassionate Heart, remembering to be loving to yourself while developing your personal strength.

This necklace is part of our Fruits of the Spirit series designed to assist you in your spiritual journey.  Made with 100 beads symbolizing completeness and excellence. Use them to bring focus to the conditions of your heart and invite wisdom to grow.    

Black Onyx l Rhodonite l Rhodochrosite l Rose Quartz | Rosewood

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