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The Shaman Mala Bead Necklace

The Shaman Mala Bead Necklace

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Shamanism is the oldest + purest practice of healing, spirituality and higher consciousness. Shamans are found in nearly every culture, dedicating their lives, hearts + minds to the study and practice of healing, divining, prophesying, and connecting with nature. They are often at the heart of their community + are natural empaths that can offer invaluable advice and comfort to those that seek them.

This Mala was made for the Shaman in you, that nurtures, heals, + dedicates your days to others. You are highly intelligent + feels others emotions as if they are your own. You are gifted and have always loved nature on a deep personal level. You are a magic, wild woman. Own that sh*t!!

Amethyst is most commonly known to enhance spirituality + psychic abilities. It emanates a palpable energy of a higher power, ultimately allowing us to view situations objectively + implement valuable solutions. It is the most powerful tool for aligning your spiritual aspirations with the physical world.

Amethyst double point guru | Amethyst beads | Handknotted mala

12 in hang length

Not 108 beads due to the large size + crystal terminated guru


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