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Amethyst Om Mala

Amethyst Om Mala

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The answers you seek come when the mind is still. Breathe. Believe. Receive. Om.

The Amethyst Om Mala serves to open and clear your mind for meditation. Inspire an ascension and expansion of your energy into all consciousness. Even when you feel the world is spinning a million miles a minute, the Amethyst Om Mala's intention is to inspire you to feel focused and in control to fully experience the peace, love and abundance that exists within you. 

Amethyst is a powerful and stunning gemstone which vibrates a beautiful spiritual energy to enhance awareness. It is believed to further help cultivate tranquility, peace and calmness within you. Amethyst is said to hold a strong healing + cleansing power.

Opalite is a milky iridescent stone that is said to enhance psychic abilities and visions when placed on the Crown Chakra. It is believed to bring an understanding of your true self, raise hope and lessen anxiety. 

Rudraksha is believed to promote healing and positivity. It is said to guide journeys and shield from negative energies.

Peaceful, happy, whole.

Length | 17 inches 

Stone Type | Smooth Oval 

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