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Rose Quartz Bliss Mala

Rose Quartz Bliss Mala

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In collaboration with Lori Harder we created the Bliss Bundle Mala. Inspired by Lori’s own journey through loss, loneliness, and disconnection and her fears of remaining an outsider and of never reaching her dreams, The Bliss Mala was designed to be a physical representation of  your innate abilities to achieve deep, meaningful relationships that accelerate and support your highest potential.

The Bliss Mala features Rose Quartz, Howlite, Lavender Amethyst and Sandalwood.

“A Tribe Called Bliss” is the way to lock in lasting, positive change and connect you to your soul’s calling once and for all. This practical, timely book is for everyone seeking to discover her authentic calling, release her fears, and reach her next level. Lori provides the tools and contextual self-work exercises to develop the self-awareness and mindfulness that is the key to a lifetime of blissful happiness.

This bundle includes The Bliss Mala and a copy of A Tribe Called Bliss.

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