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White Jade Highest Potential | Youth Mala Beads

White Jade Highest Potential | Youth Mala Beads

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No, 1 Best Selling Mala three years running! Unlock your Highest Potential

The White Jade Highest Potential Mala has a beautiful three stone combo that supports the intention to balance life, strengthen one's ambitions, clarify their goals, + help them reach their highest potential. Whether you are deciding between paths, trying to realize a long time dream, or simply need a boost of luck on your ventures, the White Jade Highest Potential Mala has proved to be exceptionally potent in lending its luck, manifesting, healing, + spiritual powers to its wearer.

White Jade encourages focus + enables the wearer to concentrate more on the things that matter the most. Jade is a naturally lucky gemstone, used in countless cultures across centuries to promote good fortune + balance. In its pure white form, Jade also carries with it properties of clarity, higher consciousness, and purification of toxic energies. Link your goals with this stone + announce your intentions outloud before putting it on. You will feel its energy + abundance the more you have it with you.

Rhodochrosite is known as a stone of balance. This cherry brown + pink gemstone invites nurturing, caring energy into your life + has been said to activate the heart chakra. When stuck on a negative event, this stone helps with the healing process by boosting self-confidence and lending a supportive energy to the soul during it all.

Black Onyx is a stone of protection, absorbing and deflecting negative energy while radiating stong, confident, brave energy in return. Allow the shine + totality of this deep black gemstone to be your shield when dealing with difficult situations or people.

This dynamic trio paired with Beautiful lavender freshwater pearls creates a dynamic balance to help you achieve all possibilities + reach your highest potential - Use them wisely!

Stone Type | Faceted Pear 20x22mm White Jade

Length | 17 Inches 

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