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Radiate Light Clear Quartz Mala Beads

Radiate Light Clear Quartz Mala Beads

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You leave a little sparkle every where you go. Subtle yet vibrant and full of a radiant light, this mala was designed to reflect your inner warmth and your outside beauty. Allow the gems in this mala to protect you from energies that threaten to steal or hide your light. May they remind you of your true nature, help you see clearly in times of heightened emotions, and shine your naturally bold + bright energy back at you.

Clear quartz is used for a variety of rituals and is especially potent when trying to bring hidden agendas or truth to light

Swarovski crystal reflects and shine the energy of the gemstones it is near toward the wearer. Crystals heighten ones natural intuition and can help dispel negativity by illuminating what may be concealed around you.

Clear Quartz Nugget + Beads | Denim Swarovski Crystal Accents

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