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Blue Silk Tassel Wisdom + Hope Mini Mala Beads

Blue Silk Tassel Wisdom + Hope Mini Mala Beads

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For the individual searching for wisdom and guidance, this Tiny Blue Silk Tassel Mala offers can help set you on the right path. Blue signifies peace, wisdom, calm, and tranquility. 

Turquoise is a stone of calm and peace. It has been used in many different facets to help the wearer stay focused and serene, especially in the face of confrontation. 

Amethyst is a spiritual gemstone and is excellent to use in meditation. Its natural purple color and crystal structure is highly sought after.

Picture Jasper is a unique stone that amplifies the wearers personality traits. It can help them feel confident and secure in their own skin.

 Blue Silk Tassel | Turquoise | Amethyst | Picture Jasper

Hang length 8 inches | Lobster Clasp Closure

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