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Vision Men’s Bracelet

Vision Men’s Bracelet

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Dream big and plan ahead. You are driven by passion to excel in various aspects of your life. Your ambition is strong and your vision is clear.  

The Vision Men's bracelet is for the man who acts with purpose. There’s no room for self doubt and fear on your way to the top.

Set your intentions and work hard at conquering your own goliaths. Nothing is impossible.

The Tiger’s Eye helps you achieve clarity,  boost your motivation, as well as attract abundance and good luck. Black Onyx is a powerful warrior stone that inspires feelings of personal power that comes from facing your fears. Sandalwood is a fragrant wood believed to increase a person's self-esteem and zest for life.

Tiger’s Eye | Black Onyx | Sandalwood

On Stretch Cord | 7.5 inches

Sized to fit most male wrists.  Size customization is $10 charge + shipping cost (if needed).  

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