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The Sun Mala Bead Necklace

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The Sun in a Tarot deck reveals happiness, growth, success, optimism and truth. It promises a time of positivity and fulfillment, perhaps after a hardship where there were many lessons learned. The Sun reminds you to focus on any silver lining or glimmer of hope. Focus on it so much that that glimmer shines down on every surface. Difficult and painful times do not last forever and you will be stronger on the other side of your battle. Each struggle comes with a blessing of learning and growing. For each bad day believe there are 100 good days waiting to make up for it.

Citrine, as yellow and powerful as the Sun, reminds you to not pursue happiness--Create it! Activate your ability to manifest abundance, wealth and prosperity. Believe in yourself and know you are deserving of all great things. Allow this stone to promote the luck and prosperity you need.

Fossilized Wood Jasper is a rare and dynamic gem. It is believed to provide endurance and energy to the root and heart chakras of the wearer. This petrigied wood is classified as a fossil and with it comes ancient wisdom and comfort. Embrace the knowledge and lessons of the past so that it does not have the power to dictate your future.

Citrine Double Point Pendant | Fossilized Wood Jasper

108 Beads

17 inch Hang Length


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

I wasn't sure what to expect but loved the stone and crystal so decided "to take a chance"..
Boy was I pleasantly surprised!. The necklace is beautiful!
It is easy to wear and easily dresses up or down.
Great experience.Will not hesitate another order.

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