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Turquoise + Gold Ring

Turquoise + Gold Ring

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It only takes 7 seconds to make an impression, and our hands are usually the first thing others come into contact with. As you shake a clients hand, pour a guest a drink, type a masterfully worded email to that butthead Mike, or hand your business card to the CEO if Google, this ring was designed to be your extra spark of confidence; The ribbon top of your already sparkling boss babe vibe.

As a classic beauty, your vibrant but simple taste never goes out of style. Others try to mimic it + some want to hate it, but there's just something about you thats effortlessly brilliant. OWN IT, GIRL!



14 karat gold filled with .925 Sterling Silver

Turquoise Jasper with 14k gold inlay

Sizes 5 - 10 available. Please leave your request in the notes at checkout.

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