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Black Onyx Healing Mala Bracelet

The Black Onyx Healing Mala Bracelet is for the individual in search of some much needed caring + healing. We must remember that while we are capable of anything, we are not capable of everything. Be easy on yourself. Know how much you are cared for, and remember how precious...

Be Courageous Mala Bead Bracelet

You are the girl known for her ability to adapt and conquer tumultuous times. You find yourself in challenging situations, but you are always up for a challenge! Confidence + courage are extremely important for showing your best self, especially when you are the explorer that you are. This mala...

Chance Mala Bracelet Stack

When you set your mind to something, nothing can stop you. You are a giver + a healer and know that with all the good you give to the world, your time will come where those good things come back to you. You are not afraid to take a chance...

Dream Relentlessly Mala Bracelet Stack

With dreams + determination you participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings. You do everything with love in your heart and fire in your soul. This Mala Bracelet Stack is your reminder of self-care, your moment of devotion to yourself. Charoite is a lavender gemstone that is used for transformation....

Let It Go Bracelet Stack

$70.00 Regular price $88.00
Leave behind things that no longer serve you. We are talking about the difficult stuff: toxic relationships, the uninspiring job, or maybe a destructive belief. When you let go you create space for the new and wonderful to come in and fill your life. The Let It Go Mala helps in focusing...

Abundance Mala Bracelet Stack

$78.00 Regular price $88.00
It's all in the wrist! The classic pairing of Black Onyx + Clear Quartz is sure to give you an edge on the competition. In times of doubt, Black Onyx will help you recognize the silver lining in any situation, and to your advantage. It has been used by many...

Communication Kids Mala Bracelet

One of the most advantageous things we learn as we grow older is the importance of being able to communicate openly, honestly, and mindfully. The gemstones in this Mala Bracelet are ideal for promoting communication skills and openness. This Mala Bracelet can be worn for one or as a pair...

Communication Mala Bead Bracelet

Connect with yourself + your loved ones through open and honest communication. Wear this as a daily reminder that it is just as important to be open about how your feeling as well as listen to others when they reach out. The communication Mala Bead Bracelet can be worn just...

Moonlight Necklace

$135.00 Regular price $178.00
The great light that governs the night shines its beauty relentlessly. Unlock your spiritual desires and dreams with the Moonlight Necklace. Unleash your inner beauty without reserve. Like the moon, we must go through phases to feel full again. Combining the symbolism of the waxing and waning moon, this necklace inspires growth,...

Turquoise Jasper + Gold Mala Bracelet

100% handmade Turquoise Imperial Jasper beads on a sturdy stretch cord - Adjusts to fit most wrist sizes. Gold veins accent the bright, genuine turquoise jasper beads to create a stunning + unique adornment. To top it all off, a beautiful 14 karat gold filled leaf charms the middle of...
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