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The Mala is beautiful.

Love them!

Very beautiful!


Thanks I really like my product. It helps me when I am at work

Individual Boxes

Loved it! Provides a lovely presentation for the gift.

Amethyst Wrap Bracelet
Dianne Romero
Amethyst wrap bracelet

I love it. I get compliments all the time. I wear it daily!

White Jade Mala

I love this piece! It’s got a larger stone and smaller beads and I could tell … it came with some awesome energy and made with love 💕


A new one was made for me with larger beads and it is exactly what I invisioned. Thank you soo much!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡ You can delete my past review;)

Daughters birthday

Love them.

The Mermaid
Cheryl licht

The Mermaid

Delicious in every way!

The length and weight of this beautifully made mala inspire awareness and stability. It’s feel- to me- is keenly grounding with a heft that reminds me that tranquility requires steadfastness.
The stones are natural and well matched, the spacing beads are comfortable to the touch, and the wearability adds to its beauty.
Thanks so much for the lovely piece!

Essential Oils

Beautiful scents.

Amazing customer service!

I submitted my mala for repair after the string broke and my guru bead cracked. Even though my mala style was discontinued, not only did they restring my mala and replace missing rudraksha seeds, but they also put in the extra effort to find me a replacement guru bead! They kept me updated via email every step of the way and exceeded my expectations for customer service. Very much worth the repair fee.


Thanks so much for restoring my mala necklaces. I am so happy to have them back. They are just like new!!

The most beautiful necklace I own!

I am in love with this luxurious, long, and ✨ sparkling ✨ White Druzy Crystal Necklace!

The druzy crystal is gorgeous with a flat side to lay against you and a textured side to face out.

I love the beads too as they add more colour and shimmer but aren’t scratchy against my neck as I sometimes find rudraksha beads to be.

Awakening Mala Necklace
Jordan Boucher

I love the products from tiny devotions but this one came defective, with some of the spinners missing the diamond looking stones

Stunning bracelet

First bracelet I have ever ordered from your company and I'm so thrilled with my purchase! Great quality and looks beautiful. I'm a very active lady and it has no signs of wear or tear at all. My other wrist needs one too :) I love your company!

So beautiful!

The Triple Protection Mala bracelet is so beautiful and has such great energy. So very happy that I purchased it.

My new favorite piece!

This necklace is stunning! I have received so many compliments on it! Great quality too! I'm very happy with my purchase and have already placed my next order!


Absolutely gorgeous. I get so many compliments on this piece!

Manifest Mala
Samantha Viti

So happy with my mala, never disappointed.

Blue Sand stone heart

This necklace makes my heart happy.

Heart Crystal Charm
Karla Concha
Love my new heart charm

It’s soooo beautiful crafted I’m a happy customer

Tourmaline Limitless Mala
Nathalie Ivany-Becchetti
Pretty in tourmaline colours

Love the tourmaline limitless mala. Love the different colours. This gift to me was part of my self-care package. Only issue is with the amplifier who has come off the mala twice so far.

High Priestess Mala
Carla Azuakolam

Beautiful mala

Beautiful Necklace

I’m sooo in love with my new necklace