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As much as you wander in the world, always remember to journey within yourself.
Stop searching outside of yourself for all the wisdom that is inside of you.
Be gentle with yourself. Dance with your feminine. Play to the depths of your soul.
Turn down the volume outside of yourself, and start listening within.
Tap into what I know to be true.
That you are powerful, beautiful, wise and limitless.
Stay connected to your magic.

This is your invitation to come home, to yourself and travel within. 


Who We Are


We didn’t create Tiny Devotions – but we birthed her and we are devoted to nurturing her and bringing the wisdom, beauty, power and limitlessness of her energy to you through everything that we create. She is the feminine goddess, the highest version of ourselves and the infinite.

We work out of our office called “Bohemia” under canopies of tapestry, color and inspiration. Our core values are not written on the walls but they are etched in our hearts: Intention, beautiful design, growth and integrity. We will never “arrive” but we are devoted to the journey, to ourselves and other women in sisterhood.

Our boardroom is called the “Vortex” which describes a powerful energy center connected to the divine and source. Everyday in everything we create we aim to make magic.

We dream in designs - semi-precious gemstones and sacred materials ethically sourced around the world and created through the spiritual journey.  Everything has a meaning and a deep root of intention. We are the space between pantones and your yoga mat; the freedom of nature and luxury of Gypset.

The boss is a yellow Labrador named Coconut who has worked at Tiny Devotions from day one. He sometimes steals our lunches… but not always as he really isn’t into Kale.

We are a fully women’s owned and run company that dances with devotion so that we can create the most inspirational, intentional, meaningful, beautiful mala beads and adornment. Our hope is our designs will guide you deeper within yourself; so that you can always be tapped into the reality that you are limitless, wise, beautiful and powerful.

We are on the journey with you.

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Tiny Devotions