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21 Days of Intention Instant Download Digitial E-Book

21 Days of Intention Instant Download Digitial E-Book

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This e-book is a 21 day guide to creating space in your life and living with intention.

21 Chapters + Sessions including:
  • Clearing out what no longer serves you
  • Keeping a journal
  • Our favorite read
  • Setting up a sacred space
  • Tapping into your creative side
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Letting go of grudges
  • Self-love
  • Freeing your mind of judgement and fear
  • Travelling
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone
  • Cooking with intention
  • Reconnecting
  • Meditation
  • Finding inspiration

By creating space in your life you make room for positive energy to flow and grow. You’ll feel more inspired, vibrant and alive. It will be easier to focus, creativity will come more naturally and you’ll feel a greater sense of peace and contentment. 

Create. Forgive. Try something new. Reconnect. Set goals. Meditate. Do more.

Step 1: Clear Your Mind
Get in the right head space! Let go of any resistance you have to change. Simply trust that you will fall in love with the process and start living with intention. Be fearless. When you let go of fear, you can fully embrace new beginnings.

Step 2: Download + Print Your Copy
Download your gifted 21 Days of Intention e-book. You will get an instant download link upon purchase + be sent an email that links to a pdf you can easily download + print. You can follow along virtually or print your e-book if you prefer a tangible insanely intentional experience.

Step 3: Engage With Our Insanely Intentional Community
Be open to sharing your progress online by using the #insanelyintentional hashtag. Check out the hashtag content! We encourage you to leave positive comments on each other’s posts. We grow by  inspiring and supporting one another.

Step 4: Keep Moving Forward
Life gets a little hectic sometimes and  it’s easy to get off track. Try to not get discouraged if you miss a day! Progress happens at your own pace. Lean into the challenge. Let go of stress. Know that you are on the path to intention and pick right back up where you started. You can do this!

Get #insanelyintentional!

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