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Ambition Heart Detox Bracelet | Malachite + Aventurine Mala Beads

Ambition Heart Detox Bracelet | Malachite + Aventurine Mala Beads

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Detox your Heart from the "was" to make room for the "will be"

Malchite is associated with spiritual rituals that assist those suffering from emotional + mental trauma. Malachites natural ability to provide a reinforced mental fortitude is paired with its motivational + healing properties that are known to decrease ones inhibitions that are caused by fear. This gem has been said to transform that fear and redirect that energy toward feeling confident in ones self, enabling them to take new risks, step out of their comfort zone, and use the roots of their trauma to accomplish an even greater success.

Use this gem if you often find yourself paralyzed by fear but long for brighter, bigger things. Break past the barriers you have placed in front of yourself + discover that you already have everything you need to reach your goals and achieve your best life.

8mm Tiger's Eye Beads | 1.35 inch Tiger's Eye Heart Charm

Handmade in USA

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