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Awakening Stack

Awakening Stack

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Rise, you fierce and bold woman! Awaken the courage, power, and beauty inside you.  Stand up for your truths, beliefs, and values and be free to express your thoughts and feelings.  Draw clear boundaries and define your personal space without fear of judgment.

The Awakening Stack speaks to the woman who wants to live an authentic, honest, and free life.  She doesn’t  pretend or conform just to be accepted. She is whole, aware, enlightened.

Amazonite is referred to as the stone of truth.  It enhances communication and balances energies.  Labradorite helps purge of habits, negative thoughts and feelings. It is known for its transformative influences.  Sandalwood offers protection, clarity, and promotes spiritual awareness.

This stack comes with a detachable Flower of Life charm which symbolizes  the connections life weaves through all beings.

Russian Amazonite | Labradorite Sandalwood

Adjusts to fit a 6 to 8 inch wrist

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