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Chakra Cleansing Mala Bead Bracelet

Chakra Cleansing Mala Bead Bracelet

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OK--It is time to take a pause. Recently, life came at you a little hard. It felt like the winds of change were out to get you and it took a toll on your well-being. It is totally normal to feel like you got a bit jumbled, have felt a bit weighed down by stress, and want to get back to you. The gemstones in this Mala Bead Bracelet are perfect for rebalancing, cleansing, and healing your chakras + aura.

Hold or wear your bracelet + dedicate three minutes a day to actively meditate on issues you are facing. Breath evenly, two seconds in, two seconds out, while thinking of a specific concern. Focus on your breathing + imagine your issue transitioning into resolution. Try to always picture yourself as a positive force in any situation.

Amazonite Helps with emotional issues, and energy healing. Balances stress and heals traumas. Soothes energy in the home and at work. Also known as the stone of courage and truth.  

Green Aventurine helps with comfort and healing hearts, general well being/emotional calm. A powerful protector and blocks entry of negative energy. Helps one to open up to inner growth and spiritual work.  

Green Zebra Jasper It is a stone of determination, motivation, stamina, optimism, and courage. This balancing stone is grounding, energizing and protecting. 

Turquoise Protects from external negative energy. Gives one confidence while making desired changes. Assists in recovering, reliving, and releasing memories of emotional wounds.

Amazonite | Aventurine | Jasper | Turquoise

*Mala Necklace sold separately.

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