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Courage Heart Detox Bracelet | Tiger's Eye Mala Beads

Courage Heart Detox Bracelet | Tiger's Eye Mala Beads

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Detox your Heart from the "was" to make room for the "will be"

Tiger's Eye promotes courage, strength, vitality + endurance. It is believed to carry the characteristics of the Tiger himself, enabling the wearer to connect with their inner Tiger. Allow this bracelet to help you feel strong-willed + determined. Re-learn the power of the word "No" and take charge of your own future. Don't let anything that is holding you back from growth or happiness take any more of your time. Your best interests should always be a priority for those that care for you. Stay strong + determined in your pursuit of positivity, light, + love.

8mm Tiger's Eye Beads | 1.35 inch Tiger's Eye Heart Charm

Handmade in USA

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