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Custom Mala Bracelet

Custom Mala Bracelet

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Be the creative guru you already are. Design + manifest the intentions of your dreams. 
Happy designing!
  1. Purchase your Custom Mala Bracelet, download and fill out your order form with your Name, Email + Order #.

  2. Begin designing your custom mala bracelet:

    • Select your accent beads from our 15 powerful gemstones
    • Select your string color
    • Finalize your mala design with your favourite sacred base material

  3. Fill out and submit your order form . You may find it easiest to fill it out digitally using Acrobat if you have it on your computer. Or, you can always print it, fill it out by hand and scan it back to us!

    Email your completed order form to and one of our Jewelry Crafters will hand craft your mala bracelet. All orders will be shipped within 10 business days.

Due to the unique nature of custom mala bracelets, all sales are final.

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