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Daughter of the Moon Bracelet Stack

Daughter of the Moon Bracelet Stack

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This Mala Bead Bracelet Stack was made for the girl who loves with her whole heart, lives without inhibitions, and dances in the moonlight every chance she gets. She recognizes her past, regards it briefly, and waves goodbye as she triumphantly marches toward her future.

Clear Quartz connects her to that place of purity deep within her soul. It reminds her that without clarity in one aspect, other areas become muddled as well. Her thirst for knowledge + truth will be heightened by this beautiful stone.

Moonstone is the perfect gem for seeking zen. It's said to inspire hope and relieve anxiety. Balance your heart with this vibrational healing stone + connect with your celestial spirit.

Sandalwood is a calming wood with a lovely scent that is symbolic of love + beauty.

Moonstone | Clear Quartz | Sandalwood

Adjustable string backing to fit most wrist sizes

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