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Enlightenment Mala Bracelet

Enlightenment Mala Bracelet

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You emit powerful and kind energies into the world. You think of others first and want the best for them. The energy you put into the universe are sure to come back to you, but you are often too hard on yourself and wounds of the heart run deeper than you let on. Its time to finally put things to rest and allow yourself to feel happiness. Allow this bracelet to help you face your fears with courage + finally overcome what has been holding you back.

The gemstone Rhodochrosite found in this mala bead bracelet integrates the energies of the emotional and spiritual realms. It is known to lend bravery + comfort to the wearer, helping her overcome her past, finally enjoy her present, and look forward to her future. Rhodochrosite is used to heal the Heart Chakra and especially helps the wearer be less hard on herself so that she can feel free + attract meaningful love into her life.

Rhodochrosite | Lotus Charm | Bracelet length 17.7 cm

*Mini-mala bracelet sold separately

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