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Fearless Mala Bracelet

Fearless Mala Bracelet

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Be fearless. Let faith and hope guide you. Draw strength from your experiences whenever fear knocks at your door. Know that you are strong. You are loved. You are whole. Let nothing shake the truths you uphold.

The Fearless Mala Bracelet is for the girl who charges on with positivity and determination. No obstacle can get in the way of her dreams. She does not allow insecurities and doubts to get the better of her. Trials make her stronger, more determined, and knows that the best is yet to come.

Rhodonite is a rose pink stone that facilitates acceptance, forgiveness, and helps ease your fears. If you’re going through some issues in your life and find it hard to cope, Rhodonite can help you move forward. Clear quartz will help amplify your intentions and goals.

Rhodonite| Clear Quartz | Rhinestone


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