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Girl Boss Mala

Girl Boss Mala

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When Tiny Devotions started over 8 years ago Diana, our founder, felt very alone in the world. She had no mentors and didn’t know any other entrepreneurs at the time, meaning she didn’t have the entrepreneurial support system that every #girlboss needs. She had to dig deep and find inspiration and believe in myself.

One of the things she did to encourage herself was wear these awesome spiked BCBG high heels. These shoes were like her armour – and she wore them anytime there was an important business meeting to channel her inner badass.

So, when it came time to design our new #girlboss mala,  we knew we wanted them to capture the fearlessness and courage that is required to excel in business (and in life)  If you're feeling stuck... reliving the same story of self doubt and poor self esteem, you can use this mala as a physical representation of the strength you need to break you out of those negative patterns.

The Girl Boss Mala is strung with Rosewood and features Jet Black Swarovski spikes, Hematite and Rock Crystal, and

Hang Length 16.5 inches

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