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Gray Agate Heart Detox Necklace

Gray Agate Heart Detox Necklace

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    Gray Agate is ideal for protecting the wearer and cleansing negative energies. It is known for its powerful transformation properties. Allow this necklace to detox your heart from the "was" and transition into the "will be".

    We have all taken chances + have been hurt in the process. We have lent pieces of our hearts to people that did not take care with it. These trials have taught us lessons, helped us grow, and lead us to who we are today. We overcame them + are better for it.

    Pieces of us are often stuck in these negative experiences, which thwarts our progress towards a greater life. The Heart Detox Necklace was made for the girl that needs to cleanse away any lingering toxic energies, clear the past from her mind, and protect her heart in her future.

    100% Handmade.

    Gray Agate Heart Pendant (4 cm) | Agate + Onyx Beads | Sweater Chain (65 cm)

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