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Herkimer Diamond Keepsake Chain

Herkimer Diamond Keepsake Chain

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Designed to keep your mask or glasses safe + secure.

Herkimer Diamond is the ultimate quartz as it brings in + absorbs light and is thought to radiate healing energy. The gem is said to clear the chakras + open channels for spiritual energy to flow while stimulating our consciousness, bringing it to its highest level.

White Freshwater Pearls signify purity + truth. Metaphyiscal practioners use pearls to enhance personal integrity + clarify muddy waters to bring forth a clearer, more abundant future.

Swarovski crystals diffuse negative energy + shine their colors properties in all directions. Black Swarovski crystals lend the wearer strength + confidence. Clear swarovski crystals signify clarity, hope, + joy. Blue swarovski welcomes calm + serenity.

Herkimer Diamond | White Freshwater Pearls | Clear Swarovski Crystals | Jet Swarovski Crystals | Blue Swarovski Crystals

Each chain comes with removable rubber add-ons + your choice of a pink or green face mask (choose in our variant options)

Total length 17 inches | Silver lobster clasp closures

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