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Impresion Jasper Wanderlust Limitless Amplifier

Impresion Jasper Wanderlust Limitless Amplifier

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Customize your Limitless Mala by choosing the Guru that amplifies your spiritual aspirations. Meditate on your ultimate purpose, and focus all your energy on creating space for it in your life.

Impression Jasper inspires the wild + passionate side of the wearer. Inclusions of gold shine through a chaotic, disastrous mosiac of the most vibrant gems and minerals. Allow this gem to be the spontaneous and reckless side of you that you keep tucked away. Connect with your inner wanderlust goddess once more + let this serve as a fun reminder of your wild past... and as a promise for even better future adventures. 

Stone Type Smooth Oval Approx. 1.5 Length

*Limitless Mala Necklace not included*

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