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Inner Glow Mala

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You have a special radiance inside your soul that glows from within; nurture it. Take a step in the right direction and get clear on your devotion. Create a grand vision for what’s ahead. Illuminate your desires. The Inner Glow Mala will help you let your light shine.

Purple is a the most powerful wavelength in the rainbow, and is often associated with power and spirituality.  It is known to enhance creativity and passion.  Allow this mala to help ignite the fire that burns within, and re-energize you!

Purple Crazy Lace Agate | Moonstone | Fuchsia Jade | Hematite | Sandalwood

Hang Length | 19 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Stunning mala bead necklaces

Thank you to Team Tiny Devotions for the beautifully handcrafted, packaged and delivered mala beads! Thank you for your support throughout the delivery process and your generosity. Every good wish!

Patty Abelard

I ordered this Mala for a new intention I needed help with. I was feeling emotionally drained and bored with my current job and needed renewed enthusiasm. I love the Inner Glow Mala because of its vibrant colors and great energy.

Arlene Evans
Beautiful Stone

The Purple Crazy Lace Agate stone was beautiful and solid. I immediately connected to it! I wear this both as a necklace and as a bracelet whenever I go out. Really beautiful!

Lottie Jones
For morning meditation

Gorgeous beads, they have a smooth and nice feel to them. Love using this Mala during morning meditation

Elisa Stclair
Change from within

Generating that inner glow requires hard work. I meditate using my Mala, focus on scriptures, and do yoga as often as I can. The practice changes you from within.

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