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Over The Moon Mala Bead Necklace

Over The Moon Mala Bead Necklace

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Rose Quartz | Peach Moonstone | Labradorite | Amethyst Mala Beads

This is your time. You are ready for love, light, + abundance in your life. The gemstones in these Mala Beads are perfect for true intentional living + attracting the things we desire the most. Use these gems to make your intentions, goals and desires known to the energy around you. 

Rose Quartz naturally enhances our best qualities and attracts love of all kinds. This blushing pink stone represents unconditional, real love, peace, tenderness, happiness, warmth, passion, and healing. Beautifully cut into a crescent moon with the sides dipped in gold, this pendant states clearly that we are ready to love ourselves + experience real love, free of toxicity, from others.

Labradorite expands on our personal strengths and protects us from bad luck during times of transition. This flashy gemstone is full of light, color + shine depending on which way you look at it, acting as a stunning reminder that a change of perspective often changes everything.

Peach Moonstone clears the rubble away from past traumas from the past + shines a path forward. Eliminate heavy + dark negativity by calling on our celestial goddess the Moon to illuminate 

Amethyst enables heightened meditation + spirituality. It works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm and balance. This is the most used stone universally across several kinds of metaphysical and spiritual practices to open the third eye + increase psychic ability.  

Pairs with the Over The Moon Mala Bracelet*

*Sold Separately

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