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Radiate Serenity White Jade + Amethyst Mala Beads

Radiate Serenity White Jade + Amethyst Mala Beads

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You are the embodiment of peace + serenity. Your glow is contagious and your natural beauty lights up every room. Your intentions are pure, your heart is loyal, and those that love you are grateful. The Radiate Serenity White Jade + Amethyst Mala Beads were designed for the girl that is all about peace of the mind, fulness of the heart, and cleansing of the spirit. She is a natural empath and is happiest when those she is close to are cared for + living their best lives.

White jade is a stone of prosperity, fortune, and spiritual connection. It is associated with the crown Chakra enabling the wearer to reach their highest potential.

Amethyst is a low vibration crystal that is a cornerstone for spiritualist and metaphysical rituals. Used commonly for enhancing the third eye and connecting with other realms.

Swarovski crystal accents any gemstone beautifully and naturally amplifies the properties of those it is near.

White Jade 30x40mm Teardrop Guru Pendant Bead

6mm all Amethyst gemstone meditation mala necklace

4mm Lavender + Clear Swarovski Crystal bicone accents

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