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Rare Roman Glass Toggle Bracelet

Rare Roman Glass Toggle Bracelet

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Rare Ancient Roman Glass + sterling Silver makes for a manifestation tool like no other.

Roman glass has been known to help clear blockages of the heart and mind after a trauama so that the healing process can begin. It is known to possess the qualities needed for transformation + reveals new, successful paths to you that you may have not noticed.

Sterling Silver is a reflective stone and amplifies the gemstones it is near. It is highly recommended that you take full advantage of this rare stone + silver pairing for manifesting a long sought-after desire.

While wearing this bracelet on, take a pen and paper (preferably your favorite or a personal journal) then begin writing out how AMAZING things are going for you. Tell yourself all about that incredible new job you have, how well you are treated at home, how appreciated you are in your relationship, how big you hit in the casino, or that you finally found "The One" - Whatever your goals or wishes are, write them out as if it rhey already happened with as many details as possible, envisuoning everything as brightly as possible as you go. Practice this at least once a month wearing roman glass or having some nearby your workshop.

7 inch toggle barbell clasp bracelet

Ancient Roman Glass Free-form Triangle + Oval Stone | .925 Sterling Silver 

Complete with a certificate of authenticity

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