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Red Jasper Heart Detox Necklace

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Red Jasper is known as stone of healing. It's bright red color absorbs painful memories and shines strength out in return. Red Jasper is...
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Red Jasper is known as stone of healing. It's bright red color absorbs painful memories and shines strength out in return. Red Jasper is excellent when the wearer needs a reminder that she is strong and any pain she is going through is temporary. The people + love she has to look forward to will outshine anything she has been through before. Things truly worth your heart should never be painful!

We have all taken chances+ have been hurt in the process. We have lent pieces of our hearts to people that did not take care with it. These trials have taught us lessons, helped us grow, and lead us to who we are today. We overcame them + are better for it.

Pieces of us are often left behind in these negative experiences, which thwarts our progress towards a greater life. The Heart Detox Necklace was made for the girl that needs to cleanse away any lingering toxic energies, clear the past from her mind, and protect her heart in her future.

Allow this necklace to detox your heart from the "was" so that it can be ready for the "will be".


100% Handmade


Red Jasper (4 cm) | Red Jasper + Onyx Beads | Sweater Chain (65 cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Gorgeous Stone

The Red Jasper stone in the Heart Detox necklace is stunning. The length is a little too long for my preference with some outfits so I picked up a tip from another reviewer to tie a not in the cord to make it a little shorter. Works beautifully. Love this necklace!

Kimberly Campolattaro
Gorgeous...exceeded my expectations

I bought the red jasper heart necklace online. I was skeptical about it's quality bying sight unseen but was blown away when it arrived in my hands! It is gorgeous. The cord is not adjustable so I just tie it in a knot to shorten it so that the heart sits higher on my chest. It arrived within a few days of ordering. And the communication with the owner was immediate and very pleasant! I will definitely buy from this company again!

Greta LaBorde
Absolutely Beautiful ❤️

I ordered the red jasper heart to give as a gift to a special friend. It by far exceeded my expectations. It is stunning and I couldn't be more pleased. The shipping took longer than expected, but I'm sure it was due to the inclement winter weather last week. I'll definitely be ordering more in the future. The red jasper heart is gorgeous 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏


Every piece is always perfect. Thank you.

Laurie Doelle

Red Jasper Heart Detox Necklace

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