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Rose Quartz Gemstone + 18k Rose Gold Multi-Use Chain

Rose Quartz Gemstone + 18k Rose Gold Multi-Use Chain

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Rose Quartz + Rose Gold mutli-use keepsake chain! Wear around your waist as a belt, around your neck as a single or double wrap necklace, or as a keepsake chain to attach your glasses or mask to.

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love + can attract meaningful connections by first establishing a sturdy, real, + unshakeable foundation of self-love--The most important kind!

Focus on loving + accepting everything you are today + can be tomorrow. You are beautiful. You are magic. You are the only authority that matters when it comes to matters of your heart. Those that say otherwise are only mirroring their negative feelings against themselves. Thos toxic energies are fighting their own battles. Let this spiritual love adornment remind you to send all those less fortunate a little light, love + a little go get stuck in traffic--Then simply let it go.

Rose Quartz Connectors - 18k Rose Gold filled .925 Sterling Silver chain - Adjustable to fits waist sizes 24 - 36

Multi-use! Wear as a necklace or to hold your glasses in style + with the intention of love

Free glasses/keepsake add-ons included with every chain

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