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Scatter Kindness Mala Bracelet

Scatter Kindness Mala Bracelet

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In your heart + mind there is healing. The events around us cloud our strongest defenses and protections by making us forget that healing begins first and foremost within ourselves. Now more than ever, we need to scatter kindness like confetti. Carry with you positivity, love, + joy to share with everyone close to you. You will find that negative circumstances + people hold no power when you refuse to give them your energy.

Amazonite is said to bring good luck and is great for soothing the nervous system. It can calm the wearers anxiety or fear and lend them confidence and tranquility. Soothe tense situations + come to resolutions.

Imperial Stone is a healing stone. It can help alleviate ailments of the mind and protect the wearer when she is approaching conflict. Organization, relaxation, and peace comes easier with this gem.

Turquoise is known for its balancing and aligning properties. Also a powerful healing gemstone. It can help prevent panic and lift exhaustion. Stabilise + brighten your aura.

Variations: Amazonite, Imperial Stone, Imperial Stone + Turquoise, Amazonite + Imperial Stone

Adjustable bracelet to fit most wrist sizes


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