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Shine Bright Unicorn Mala

Shine Bright Unicorn Mala

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Shine Bright like the powerful, passionate Unicorn that you are! This uniquely shaped Amazonite Guru stone is shaped like the horn of a unicorn to represent your one of a kind shine + all your head strong beauty. Stop at nothing to bring your visions to life, let no one dull your sparkle, + shine bright through any darkness that you find ahead. You are a magic, wild woman. Own it!

Amazonite is considered one of the world's luckiest gems. It promotes peace + tranquility and is used frequently in meditation rituals to ease anxiety and fear. 

Lavender Amethyst is a low vibration spiritual crystal often used to enhance our natural psychic abilities + increase our ethereal connection with the universe. Best used when trying to align our spiritual aspirations with the phsycial world. 

Swarovski crystal enhances every stone it is near. The facets in this special crystal breathe in the metaphysical properties of neighboring crystals and exhales and luminous vibration in return. 

Sandalwood is beautiful scented and is meant to calm the wearer while promoting clarity, a steady heart, and a balanced mind. 

108 Beads

15 inch hang length

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