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Stardust Necklace

Stardust Necklace

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We are all made of stardust

Tiny Devotions’ Stardust necklace reawakens the magic of stars and reinforces your bond with the universe. This rose gold filled endant is made of glass and stardust - cosmic building blocks that have traveled eons through space to get to you.

The Stardust found in this one of a kind necklace comes from a martian meteorite fragment that was discovered in Morocco in 2011. It was confirmed as Martian Shergottite upon discovery.

It hangs from an 18-inch adjustable chain with the inscription underneath: “Made of Stars"

Wear this beautiful, hand-crafted to connect with the universe is a new, unique, and powerful way. Be reminded of the vast beauty beyond our wildest imagination + reflect that energy every where you go.

18K Rose Gold filled Chain + 3 inch extender | Glass | Stardust

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