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Dream Tassel Mala

Dream Tassel Mala

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Life holds special magic for those who dare to dream. This Mala is for the girl who lets her imagination run away with her.

Tassels are symbolic of lotus blossoms and represent enlightenment. The strands combine together into one, symbolizing our connection to the Divine and to each other. Oneness. The top of the tassel signifies the link between all beings of the universe.

Grey Agate is known as a very protective stone. The intricate movements within this crystal encourage a calm, relaxing state and open the mind to higher thought and inner truths.

Moonstone is known as the stone of dreams + energy. Moonstone is said to encourage hope, as well as enhance feminine energies and intuition. Moonstone is the perfect stone for those looking to amplify their energy and enhance their spiritual growth.

Sandalwood is a very calming spiritual wood that gives off a soothing scent. It is known to attract positive energy and clear perception.

Blush Pink Tassel | Grey Agate | Moonstone | Sandalwood

Hang Length | 21 inches

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