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Tide Mala

Tide Mala

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Turquoise Mala | Amazonite Connector | Turquoise Tassel Guru

Embrace the transformative powers of the tides. You are free spirited and much stronger than you look. Your relationship with the moon shapes you and helps give you structure during times of change. You are often underestimated, but you always get the chance at redemption + always put those that oppose you in their place. 

The tide mala was made in likeness of the ocean, for the girl who is as free as the open waters.

Turquoise is a striking blue gemstone that has been used in countless cultures for decades in healing + meditation practices. This stone is known to rejuvenate youthful energy, promote mental clarity + enlightment, stimulate vitality, and help the wearer feel calm + at peace.

Amazonite is considered one of the world's luckiest gemstones and is frequently used when one needs to decide between two choices or to bring them good fortune when placing a wager.

Turquoise Mala + Amazonite Guru + Steel Blue Tassel

Hang length 14 inches

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