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To the Moon and Back Kids Mala Bracelet

To the Moon and Back Kids Mala Bracelet

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There is no love as deep or pure as love found between family. This carnelian + moonstone mala bead bracelet is the perfect way to connect with your favorite tiny human and remind them that you will always love them to the moon and back!

Moonstone is a milky white and has man metaphysical properties, especially for fortune in new beginnings. It is a stone of inner growth and strength. Moonstone soothes stress, enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, and has a tendency to lend it's magic to the facets of life the wearer needs it most.

Carnelian is red in color and represents courage, wisdom, + boundless adoration. It stabilizes the wearer in all situations, stimulates creativity, and promotes positive life choices.

Rosewood is a gorgeous deep colored wood that also boosts intuition and is an excellent healer for non-physical ailments.

Moonstone | Carnelian | Rosewood

Stretch Cord to fit most wrist sizes.

Matches perfectly with our To the Moon and Back Mala Bracelet*

*Adult bracelet sold separately

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