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Transformation Men’s Bracelet

Transformation Men’s Bracelet

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You are loved the way you are...with your flaws and imperfections. But if you want to change for the better, that too, is a good thing.

You can change your attitude, correct bad habits, give up a vice that’s hurting you or your loved ones. You can choose to be healthier. To be more active, make better food choices and become fit again.

Believe in yourself. Draw from the love of the people around you who are cheering you on. The Transformation Men's Bracelet embodies this change. It reminds you to believe in yourself.

Do it for yourself and your loved ones, because you can, and because you want to be the best version of you.

Jade l Black Onyx l Silver Plated Hematite l Sandalwood

On Stretch Cord | 7.5 inches 

Sized to fit most male wrists.  Size customization is $10 charge + shipping cost (if needed).  

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