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Turquoise Magnesite Heart Detox Necklace

Turquoise Magnesite Heart Detox Necklace

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Turquoise Magnesite has many properties as it borrows the healing properties of Turquoise and the clarifying properties of Magnesite. Together this gemstone is said to clear the mind + shed light on forms of self-deceit that the wearer may be hiding from. This deceit is not intentional and is often not obvious, but she feels something is wrong and strives to clear it up so she can clear her path to peace. Turquoise Magnesite is also known to open the heart chakra and attract heartfelt true love. These two energies together can help you open up to or attract a powerful relationship. It may even be one you've been overlooking due to hidden feelings within yourself.

Turquoise Magnesite | Sweater Chain | 20 inch Hang Length

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