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Waning Moon Earrings

Waning Moon Earrings

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The moon reminds us that whatever phase we are in, we are still whole.

When the moon is waning, the dark side of the moon grows larger until it reaches the New Moon phase, when it is no longer visible from the Earth. Lunar cycles have been known to affect many areas of our lives such as our moods, opportunities, careers, love, and luck. It is a consistent presence many don't think about, although its importance is prominent across the globe as it regulates the ocean's tides and helps bring light to our darkest hours.

Sterling Silver is ideal for manifesting in conjunction with the Lunar Cycles, or to keep with us as a powerful reminder of everything it took for us to reach this moment in our lives. It is known to capture the light of the moon and reflect back to the universe what you most desire. Silver is an excellent tool for balancing, attracting good luck, and for intention binding.

Solid .925 Sterling Silver Crescent Moon Stud Earrings

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