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White Druzy Crystal Necklace

White Druzy Crystal Necklace

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100% Handmade. Our Druzy crystals are selected from the highest quality crystal structures found in nature. They are intended to help the wearer remind herself of her truest form and greatest potential. She is on the path to her best life.

When stuck between two decisions, this white druzy crystal is meant to guide her toward the best choice for her and those close to her. Even in turbulence, she remains calm because she knows everything she does is for the greater good of her loved ones and for herself. Stand strong + feel assured, the universe has your back!

Druzy crystal has many uses. Some use them in their bath water, others hold them on their person at all times. This stone that attracts abundance, understanding, and peace.

White Druzy Crystal | Mystic Quartz | Peach Quartz | Moonstone | 17 inch hang length

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