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Warrior Men's Mala


Cancer Power Gemstones:

Some people say that the Cancer is exactly like the crab that it represents: Hard on the outside, and goo in the middle! It is no secret that you are the most nurturing and sentimental of all the signs. However, not everyone gets to see this side of you. In fact, you keep it under very close wraps until you feel that the person is worthy of the best version of yourself. This is a strategic and intelligent move, but also leaves a lot of people that have come into your life wondering about you. You are intelligent, easy-going, adaptive, and loving. Everyone that is close to you knows it was worth the initial struggle to get to know you.

With so much going on in your mind, there are a few power gemstones that you would benefit the most from. Moonstone is connected directly to the moon and is known to lend the moon’s energy and protection to the wearer. Jasper is essential for enhancing your endurance, overcoming adversity, and sharpening the mind. Abalone shell is connected to the changing tides and emotions of the sea, which responds to your naturally empathetic personality.